What you can do as an individual of group will depend on your context but we are encouraging everyone to partner with other people and local groups, so to maximise the impact, celebrations and fun! Perhaps you could consider doing some of the following:

  • Hold a Birthday party for the NHS.
  • Click here to upload a short video of your group saying/singing ‘God Bless the NHS’
  • Collect people’s experiences of the NHS on postcards or thank you notes and arrange to deliver them to a local hospital, surgery, dental practice etc.
  • Invite a local historian to give a talk on the history of medical practices in your area.
  • If a religious group, organise an act of worship which gives thanks and prays for all those working in the NHS. Explore your faith’s history of working with those in the medical profession.
  • Give a concert of thanksgiving.
  • Deliver a Birthday card to your local politician, showing your appreciation of the NHS and desire for it to be properly supported.
  • Invite local schools to celebrate the anniversary through drama, dance, music and art.
  • With appropriate licenses, arrange a book group of film screening which focuses on the founding or running of the NHS e.g. A.J. Cronin’s ‘The Citadel’ or Ken Loach’s ‘The Spirit of ‘45’.2