Thank you postcards

Thank you to Pontypridd Male Choir for spreading the love for the NHS! We think it’s important to remember how our lives would be different without the NHS, so we are posting some of the many personal stories we’ve received here to document how much the NHS means. This is a select few we collected from Pontypridd Male Choir, these along with many, many others will be delivered to assembly members at the Senedd on the 17th July.

 “For the great job they did when my son was diagnosed with cancer from Dec 17 to June 18. He has now been given the all clear after two major operations. He is now recovering at home and is hoping to be back at work in the next few months. GOD BLESS THEM ALL.”


“We are so lucky to have access to healthcare through the NHS. If it wasn’t for their prompt action and care I wouldn’t have my four beautiful children. A real lifesaver!”




“I thank God every day for the NHS! Without it, I would not have lived such a fruitful and productive life. Since childhood, my chronic asthma has been controlled by the care of specialists, GPs and innovations in drug use for relief and prevention. I survived a gall bladder operation through the wonderful care of the Royal Glamorgan Hospital staff and both my parents have lived long and happy lives in the knowledge that the NHS is there for all – young and old, rich and poor. God Bless the NHS at 70… and forever!”

“The NHS staff were invaluable when dealing with a terminally ill parent. Staff provided a good explanation and always had the time to explain the treatment being tried.”




“If it wasn’t for the NHS I wouldn’t be here.”





“The NHS is a marvellous institution. It looked after me when I was diagnosed with essential tremor which is a branch of Parkinson’s and provided an operation called DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) which counteract the effects.”



“I cannot thank the NHS enough for the amazing care my family have received. From heart conditions, dementia and cancer. We still have most of our family because of the amazing NHS.”