Who Are We?

We are encouraging people of all faiths and none to join in with celebrating the NHS’s 70th Birthday.
For us at St. David’s Uniting Church  www.stdavidsunitingchurch.org.uk  – much of the impetus to do so comes from our Christian faith. What does the Church have to do with the NHS? Well, apart from the long history of Christian pioneers in the medical profession (see St Basil of Caesarea, St Camillus, Sir Thomas Browne, Betsi Cadwaladr, Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth Blackwell, Elizabeth Fry…) and the simple fact that all within the Church benefit from it, there are a plethora of reasons for why the church should be interested in and encouraging of the idea of free health care for all. The guiding principles of the NHS are very much aligned with those found in the Bible – of a society where the needs of everyone are the concerns of everyone; where compassion and care are not contingent upon financial assets but are intrinsic to our very humanity; where the vulnerable and the ill are to be treated as people, not consumers. We believe that when God came to us in human form he cared for the vulnerable and healed the sick; challenged an obsession with wealth and charged us to love neighbours and strangers; he washed feet, touched lepers, treated young and old with dignity and heralded a kingdom of justice and joy in which all would be made whole. In the words of Desmond Tutu; ‘Which Bible do people read when they say, ‘Don’t mix religion with politics’?’[1]

[1] ‘Now that we are free – a conversation with Desmond Tutu’, interview by Norman Boucher, Brown Alumni, Vol. 99, no. 4 March/April 1989