Unfortuanlty we have had to cancel our event. We have had so many people, artists, doctors and media back and support our benefit concert however, we just couldn't get anyone to sponsor the concert even with a guaranteed money back offer. This is a sad day for the concert because it would have raised more than enough funds to pay our NHS bonuses for all their hard work. We are so sorry it breaks my heart because of all the hard work we have put in. 


The risks taken daily by the armies of Doctors, nurses and healthcare workers treating coronavirus patients have been starkly illustrated by a growing number of deaths. Several NHS workers have already lost their lives after contracting the disease from patients and unfortunately that number is likely to soar.

Truck & delivery drivers

Everyone who works in logistics should be proud of the part they play throughout all the peak periods, and particularly during the coronavirus crisis. From pickers, packers and forklift drivers to the maintenance engineers, transport planners and the delivery drivers, their importance is often overlooked. It is worth celebrating the great job they do in keeping this country running no matter what unforeseen events occur.

Who are key workers

The NHS staff, social care workers, schools and nurseries, police officers, court staff, religious staff, journalists,

Some government officials, delivery workers, supermarket staff, army and the MOD, firefighters, prison and probation officers,

Transport workers, infrastructure’ including gas and electric, postmen and women and many, many more

We thank you all

The concert

We are hoping to hold a two day concert in London which will be named 


This is the publics way of thanking each and everyone of the Key workers who kept our beautiful country running.

We have some fantastic artists lined up

We want this to be bigger than Live Aid

We are looking for a DJ to play some amazing tunes in between live performances 


we have a few bands already lined up so if you want to be part of something special then please get in touch.


I am so proud to have two amazing artists who contacted us to perform on board. They said they want to perform to say thank you to all the key workers. 

Let's Socialize


350 5th Ave, New York, NY