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Thank you Crown Couriers

Crown Couriers is a nationwide same day courier offering urgent collections and deliveries to businesses across the UK, supporting a wide range of sectors. With distribution playing an essential part in responding to the recent coronavirus crisis, the business has shifted its focus to support the movement of essential items to where they are needed the most. As the UK was put into lockdown we answered calls from the healthcare sector to provide experienced and trained drivers to make home deliveries of vital prescription medication. We’ve supported the NHS supply-chain in moving vital PPE quickly and when automotive and aviation manufacturers started to turn their expertise to create new ventilators, we were able to assist one of our customers to move ventilator parts to sites across the country quickly. We are continuing to strengthen our fleet of over 800 drivers, providing jobs for car and vans drivers who may have lost work due to the current crisis. And whilst we have seen the unfortunate decline and in some cases, the complete closure of customers within the manufacturing and retail sectors. Fortunately, with distribution playing a critical part in the movement of vital items, we’ve been able to react quickly and switch our focus and resource to support customers struggling with their final mile solutions.